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ACROCRETE is a modified acrylic polymer based unique waterproof protective Cementitious coating system for cement or cement mortar where conventional system of waterproofing has proved to be a failure.

This high quality polymer modified system is very useful in the following areas:
Waterproof and damp-proof coating in the form of cement slurry/cement mortar.
Protective layer for cementitious surfaces.
Concrete repair as a patching and repair mortar.
As bonding agent for mortar, renderings and floor screeds.
Tough and hardwearing surfaces with waterproofing on star treads, drains, and sewage treatment plants.
To produce high strength polymer floor topping and thin section screeds.
To improve adhesion of renderings to insulation boards & materials.
To produce mortars/slurry coatings more resistant to Chemical attack.
To inject into cracks and fissures in the form of cement slurry.

Highly waterproof system.
Excellent adhesion properties to most building Materials.
Excellent water resistance.
Improved resistance to abrasion and chemical attack.
Highly durable against ultraviolet light.
Non-corrosive to steel & Non-inflammable.
Allows the concrete to breathe.
Hardened film and mortar is resilient.
Crack resistant.

Colour Bluish white liquid.
Bond Strength on sand Blasted concrete Exceeds much above 2 times . The normal cement slurry and mortar under identical workability & curing.
Bond Strength on sand Blasted steel Exceeds much above 3 times. The normal cement slurry and mortar under identical workability & curing.
Waterproofing 10 times higher than the cement slurry and mortar under identical workability and curing.

Surface Preparation

The surface must be sound, clean and free from oils, grease or other surface contaminants. Any loose materials, rust scale, dirt and laitance shall be invariably removed by any of the approved methods like scarifying, chiseling sand blasting, acid etching or scrubbing to get prepared surfaces for application of our polymer system. Dampening of cementitious surfaces is essential. In other words, saturated surface dry condition is ideal before application of any cementitious coating over absorbent substrate surface.

This system is ideal for use for waterproofing of roofs-toilets-terraces-basements, concrete repairs and protective layer for surfaces against carbonation, efflorescence, salt attack etc. Clean fine or Zone-IV sand and free flowing OPC or PPC shall be used for mortar. Such mortars shall be applied “wet on wet” coat basis. Minimum application temperature is 50 C. Curing after hrs is required as normally done for other cement materials. Simple moist curing will do. Cement Slurry shall be made with free-flowing or fresh cement like OPC, PPC or white cement. No air set lumps of Cement shall be used. For coloured coating, white cement + alkali resistant colourant may be used. Required colorants may be supplied from the manufacturer on request. Freshly applied surfaces should be protected from rain and other adverse conditions. Rapid drying out of the coating shall be prevented. Traffic movement may generally be allowed after 24 hours of application.

NOTE: Do not use ACROCRETE alone as a bonding coat without adding cement and fine sand.

1 year in unopened containers

1 kg, 5 kg & 25 kg


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