Color Theory
Color is a language. Color is one of the most fulfilling elements in our lives. Color can attract your attention or change your mood. It speaks to who you are, how you feel and where you're going. At Acro paints Ltd, we help you put together the perfect colors for your life.
Color Wheel
Modern thinking is that there are 4 basic colors, Blue, Red, Green and Yellow, and every other colors used in paint and other decorations are variations of these four (and also black and white which are not considered as colors). Although our Color Wheel has just 12 colors, the colors vary continuously around the wheel with millions of possible shades.
Color Palettes
What colors do you need to start painting With so many colors available, which ones should you buy when you first start painting with acrylics? While we all know it’s possible to mix a rainbow of colors from just three primary colours (blue, red, and yellow), most of us don’t, preferring the ease of being able to squeeze a particular colour out of a tube.
Color Psychology
What does color psychology mean? Why are people more relaxed in green rooms? Why do weight lifters do their best in blue gyms? Colors often have different meanings in various cultures. And even in Western societies, the meanings of various colors have changed over the years. But many researchers have generally found the following to be accurate.
Feng Shui / Vastu
Vaastu literally means "house" or dwelling place. The principles of Vaastu establish to create a harmony between the fine elements in the environment.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese philosophy, which believes that the positioning and physical characteristics of a home affect the fortunes of the owner.
Virtual Painter

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Paint Area Calculator

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