Acro construction chemicals and waterproofing products are a range of specialized products for uses ranging from repair, protection and waterproofing of plasters and concrete structures, flooring compounds and hardeners, mould release agents, air entraining agents, water thinnable epoxy coatings, tile adhesives and grouts to high tech construction chemicals used in the construction of dams, bridges, canals, roads etc.

Construction Chemicals & Waterproofing Products


Integral Cement Waterproofing Compound

Waterseal is an integral cement waterproofing compound in powder form. It is used for waterproofing and dampproofing of concrete / plaster / mortar / renders / screeds etc. (ISI Marked).
Packing : 20 Kg & 1 Kg

Acro 1

Liquid Integral Cement Waterproofing Compound

Acro 1 is a normal setting chloride free integral cement waterproofing compound in yellowish liquid form. It is used for waterproofing and dampproofing of concrete / plaster / renders / screeds etc.
Packing : 225 Kg , 20 Kg, 5 Kg & 1 Kg


Liquid Integral Cement Waterproofing Compound

Acroflow-LWP is a new generation integral waterproofing concrete / mortar admixture in liquid form that acts as a highly effective plasticizer and waterproofing compound. It conforms to IS : 2645 – 1975 and IS : 9103-1999 (ISI Marked).
Packing :- 200L, 20L, 5L, 1L & 200 ML


2 Pack Acrylic Polymer Modified Flexible Cementitious Waterproof Coating

Acrocote is a two pack polymer modified flexible cementitious waterproof coating to prevent dampness in the buildings, tanks, RCC Roofs, AC Sheet Roofs, Brick Concrete Walls, Tiles, Swimming Pools, Terrace Gardens, Basement Damp-proofing etc.
Packing : 20 Kg, 4 Kg &1 Kg

Acropoxy DP

2 Pack Water Thinnable Epoxy Coating

Acropoxy DP is a two component water thinnable epoxy coating in paste form.Can be used on Interior walls where removing of plaster is a problem, Interior surfaces of concrete water storage tanks, toilets and kitchens. lt can also be used in basements where there is no scope of doing waterproofing treatment from outside
Packing : 1 Kg.

Acrotile G

Cement Based Joint Filling Grout (for tiles)

Acrotile-G is a ready to use powder which is used for filling of joints between tiles, marbles and stones. It is available in various colours including white and black.
Packing : 20 Kg & 1 Kg

Acro 2

Instant Setting Leak Plugging Compound

Acro 2 is an extra quick setting waterproof red colour liquid admixture. It is an instant leak plugging compound.
Packing : 20L , 5L & 1L

Acro 3

Quick Setting Waterproofing Compound

ACRO 3 is a quick setting/rapid hardening waterproofing compound for concrete/plaster. It stops the leakage from walls and floors. It increases the progress of work tremendously.
Packing : 225L, 20L & 5L

Acrotile S.P. / Acrotile G.P.

Polymer Modified Cementitious Tile Adhesive

Acrotile S.P. / Acrotile G.P. is a single pack new generation waterproof tile adhesive. Tile adhesive which can be used for fixing any type of mosaic, ceramic tiles, stone claddings, marbles, granites, etc.
Packing : Acrotile S.P. 20 Kg & Acrotile G.P. 20 Kg


Acrylic Polymer Modified Cementitious Waterproof Coating

Acrocrete is a liquid admixture polymer for cement /sand/ mortar composite. It is used as a cement polymer waterproof / dampproof coating for walls, water tanks, roofs and also as a patch repair mortar, bonding agent for removal of cold joints in concrete, non-shrink polymer cement injection slurry etc.
Packing : 50 Kg, 20 Kg, 5 Kg &1Kg

Surcoat (Water Based) / Acropreg
(Solvent Based)

Silicone Based Water Repellent impregnation (for waterproofing)

Surcoat/Acropreg are ready-to-use colourless liquid compounds which when applied create a highly water repellent surface and the surface is not able to absorb water. Surcoat is a water based and Acropreg is Solvent based colourless liquid silicone impregnating agent.
Packing : Surcoat 20L , 5L & 1L & Acropreg 20L , 5L & 1L

Acro Construction Chemical Product Range

ACROSEAL Powder Acrylic Integral Cement Water Proofing Compound(for concrete & plaster) ISI Marked
ACROSEAL-L Liquid Acrylic Integral Cement Water Proofing Compound (for concrete & plaster) ISI Marked
QUICK SETTING WATER SEAL Powder Quick Setting & Waterproofing Compound
ACRO 2 Liquid Instant Leak Plugging & Water Proofing Compound
ACRO 3 Liquid quick setting and Water Proofing Compound (for concrete & plaster)
ROCKSET (Liquid) Rapid Hardening & Water-Proofing compound (for concrete & Plaster)
ACROPOXY DP 2 PACKS Water Thinnable Epoxy Coating. (for damp proofing)
ACROFEX Liquid integral polymer based water proofing and sealing membrane coating (Off-White & Grey)
ACROFEX PRIMER Polymer based primer (to be used as base coat for Acrofex)
ACROCOTE 2 PACKS Polymer Modified Flexible cementitious Water Proof Coating System
ACROGLASS White cement based high performance adhesive (for marble and glass tiles)
ACROFLO Plasticiser
ACROSUPAFLO Super Plasticiser
ACROSUPAFLO SS Super Plasticiser for high strength concrete
ACROFLO R Retarder
ACROFLO AEA Air Entraining Agent
ACROFLO PAE Plasticiser-cum-air entraining agent
ACROFLO RSP Retarding Super Plasticiser
ACROPOXY B. A. (2 PACK) Epoxy based bonding agent
ACRO EX Non shrink Grouting Admixture
ACRO GROUT N Normal Strength Grout
ACRO GROUT HS High Strength Grout
ORENITE M High Performance Metallic Floor Hardner
ACRONITE RF Non Metallic Floor Hardener
ACRONITE SOF Ready to use shake on floor hardener
ACROCURE C Concrete Curing Compound
ACROCURE WP Concrete Curing Compound
ACROMOL Mould Release Agent
ACROPOXY RM 3 Pack (Pack A, Pack B & Pack C)Epoxy Based Repair Mortar
ACROPOXY PRIME 2 Pack (Pack A & Pack B) Solvent less self leveling smooth Epoxy Floor Topping
ACROPOXYFLOR 2 PACK (Smooth) (A+B) Solvent less self leveling smooth Epoxy Floor Topping
ACROPOXYFLOR 3 PACK (Antiskid) (A+B+C) Solvent less self leveling antiskid Epoxy Floor Topping