Feng Shui / Vastu

Vaastu literally means " house" or dwelling place. The principles of Vaastu establish to create a harmony between the fine elements in the environment.

Vaastu is directly related with nature, earth's magnetic field that is invisible but a powerful force, which affects man's life. Vaastu helps in making a congenial setting or a place to live and work in a most scientific way taking advantage of the benefits bestowed by nature, its elements and energy fields for enhanced health, wealth, prosperity and happiness. The Vaastu science mainly deals with the natural needs of the man for living, like weather, winds, light etc., and the restrictions or passage of these natural sources in the dwelling.

Man through the art of design, alters and moulds the elements of natural environment. The world comprises of

five basic elements - Earth, Sky, Air, Fire and Water. They are also known as the Paanchbhootas. Among the nine planets, our planet has life because of the presence of these five elements.

•Earth (Prithvi)
•Sky (Aakaash)
•Air (Vaayu)
•Fire (Agni)
•Water (Jala)

Vaastu is a science and a bridge between man and nature. With the help of Vaastu one can have a happy and peaceful life. Happy Vaastuing!

What is Feng Shui ?

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese philosophy, which believes that the positioning and physical characteristics of a home affect the fortunes of the owner.

Fengshui is a Chinese version of Vaastu. The word fengshui which is normally pronounced as 'Foong' means 'Wind' and 'Shui' is pronounced as 'Shway' and means ‘Water.'

Fengshui is reportedly 4000 years old. Some historians believe that it was born in 600 A.D. Originally it was practiced by the Emperors and members of the Royal Families. It was also held in great secret. Slowly the knowledge spread out and today fengshui is widely practiced in Hongkong, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia and to a lesser extent in the Europe and USA.

There are two schools in fengshui one is called the Compass School and the other is called the Farm School. The Farm school is not particular about directions and is more visual in approach. The Compass school stipulates what should exist in which direction.

As per fengshui, there are three components on which universe is made of. Every living being, every plant and every object is supposed to represent one of the three. These are the Yin, Yang and Chi. Yang is male in nature where as Yin is female in nature. Basically Yin and Yang are two forces which are responsible in creation and sustenance of all living and non-living objects on earth. Chi is the force which is produced due to the interaction of Yin and Yang.

According to Feng Shui Yin & Yang are basic components of universe and or responsible for creation and sustenance of all objects-living/Non-living. Chi is the force produced due to the interaction of Yin and Yang.Feng Shui believes with the manipulation of landscape we can get the best and balanced form of Chi.

Feng Shui believes that all the four directions should have different levels to create excellent Chi. They prefer the turtle mountains at the back, the green mountains representing the dragon on the left and the white tiger mountain on the right. The plain open land should be in front of the plot. This is supposed to be the best landscape where Chi is liberates in plenty.

Not only the landscape should liberate good Chi but the building should be such that the Chi moves slowly to continuously move towards the various directions in the building. The characteristics of Chi in every direction is different and can give you a particular gift which is necessary for the enrichment of life. Thus family, happiness, relationship, name, fame, children etc. are all possible when good Chi circulates in a related direction.


Feng Shui believes that following gadgets can be of immense help in verifying and altering the characteristics of Chi.

There are 6 basic cures in the mode of Feng Shui Technology.
1. Mirrors
2 .Plants
3. Lights
4. Fountains
5. Wind Chimes
6. Colors etc.

Minors represent a doubling of revenues for the business. That is why Restaurants are also fond of using mirrors to symbolize a busier environment . Inside a house or an office mirrors serve purposes, the bigger the mirror the better. they can balance an L shaped home or room. In business if property hung they can increase profits.

Plants on either side of entrance attract not only persons energy but also enhances financial prosperity for the residents.

The use of lights is another effective method of correcting imbalance of Industrial ventures associated with irregular shapes. Lights create balance and harmony within the surroundings. Crystal chandeliers are also excellent when in the center of home/offices which traditionally symbolizes the essence of the household.

Water represents wealth, abundance prosperity and riches. By placing water fountains of water element directions, it enhances family happiness, wealth, prosperity for the inmates.

Wind Chimes:
Wind Chimes intensify new career prospects, material relationship and also for enhancement of new business opportunities etc.

The choice of your house color can help to create a smooth household, harmony if you opt to apply the color schemes from the five elementary colors:

Red: It denotes happiness, warmth, strength and force.
Purple: It is auspicious color, it is said to inspire respect.
Yellow: Stands for Power.
Green: Represents growth.
Blue: Represents hope.
Gray: Signifies balance and resolution of conflict.
Brown: Gives a heavy feeling.
Orange: Gives Happiness and Power.
White: Adds to Peace, happiness and creates smooth environment.


Feng Shui is gadget oriented. Where there are buildings which cannot be altered to suit vaastu, Feng Shui remedies can be tried whether it is small apartment or small business offices. The gadgets are not expensive and by trial and error one can find ideal placements.

The ancient Chinese system of feng shui can tell you which colors will invite beneficial energies into your home and into your life.

Here's how:

To find out where the eight feng shui areas are located in your home, see mapping a room with feng shui. Then, find out which color is associated with what you need. Paint that color on trim, a door, or a small wall, or find a colored object to place in the corresponding area.

Blue: Represents blessings and is a calming, peaceful color for meditation and contemplation. Good for the Knowledge area of your home.

Red: Symbolizes virtue and truth. Red wards off evil and its vibrancy is life-affirming. It is the color of life, luck, prosperity, power, glory, and happiness. Good for the Fame or Reputation area of your home.

Green: Hope, longevity, and vitality. It represents lush growth, vegetation, and the rebirth of springtime. Perfect for the Family/Health area of your home.

Purple: Similar function to red, can be used with red and gold to symbolize wealth. Associated with royalty and pageantry. Best for the Wealth area of your home.

Pink: Combination of red and white, good for the Relationships/Romance area of your home.

White: Spiritual and moral purity. Good for the Creativity/Children area of your home.

Gray: A color of connection. Good for the Helpful People/Travel area of your home.

Black: Seriousness and justice, deep waters, the darkness of winter. Not usually considered lucky, but when used in balance with other colors it can absorb negative chi. Black or dark blue are best for the Career area of your home.

Yellow: Authority or rank, associated with tolerance, acceptance, honesty, and trustworthiness. Good for the center of your home.

Gold: Wealth and prosperity. Also good for the center of your home.

The ancient Chinese system of feng shui can tell you which colors will invite beneficial energies into your home and into your life.