Spanezia Healthpro Clear

The current pandemic COVID-19 has driven most of us to be cautious about everything that goes through or is touched by our hands such as lift buttons, doorknobs, table counters, among other surfaces, or everything that comes from outside (groceries, food, couriers etc).

With over 10 million cases in June 2020 worldwide, the health and hygiene space is the most relevant one in current times. Scientists are working globally to develop a vaccine. Meanwhile, WHO has advised all to keep our body and surroundings sanitized.

Corona Virus can remain active on different surface for upto 5 days. Scientists also don't know how much of the virus it takes to cause an infection. Even if a small amount lingers on a surface for days, this might be enough to make anyone gravely sick.

SPANEZIA HEALTHPRO CLEAR Anti-virus and Bactericidal, Multi Surface, Silver Ion, Nano Hygiene Coating is water borne thin film coating that keep the surfaces free from microbes like virus, bacteria and other pathogens. The active components in the product are the combination of silver nano-particles and on-migratory cationic disinfectant, which are extremely effective in inactivation of enveloped RNA virus and bacterial DNA genome. It is easy to use and having no cytotoxicity. This effective nano-coating works through contact killing mechanism and remain active on surface for minimum 90 days, if not damaged mechanically.