Marketing & Technical Services

Our product line-up covers a wide array of fields ranging from construction chemicals and waterproofing products for social infrastructure such as roads, bridges, tunnels etc., up to home applications such as housing interior and exterior coatings, wooden and steel furniture coatings, and hygiene coatings and therefore has various paint specifications. Accordingly, it is essential for our sales people to have an in-depth knowledge about the industries and applications where our products are used, in addition to the expertise on our products themselves.

Purchasers of our products can generally be divided into retail customers, projects and industrial users. To respond to any request from those customers, our sales and technical staff work together closely in teams to offer optimal products to our customers. This is backed up by our advanced knowledge and ongoing skill training programs for our employees, as well as seminars. Through these training programs, we at Acro are making efforts to enhance our employees' ability and customer oriented consciousness.

Our customer centric approach enables us to continuously evolve our products and services with our customers requirements. Continuous product and service training imparted to our marketing and sales staff means that we are able to delight our customers as well as channel partners.