Spanezia   under the sponsor- ship of "Acro Paints Ltd" have been the pioneers in launching the artistic finishes inspired from the Renaissance period applicable to contemporary spaces. The mission is to provide the Indian market with finishes as never seen before with regard to application process and textural quality. Thus providing imaginative solutions to create bespoke surfaces within interiors and exteriors to bring spaces to life.

The ever trendsetting wall fashion connoisseurs "Spanezia" have come a long way. It has been a hot favorite among the leading interior designers, architects and specifier in the industry across India. They have projected the designs on their various landmark projects which can be seen on the highlighted walls of various hotels, High end restaurants and night clubs.

They are based on acrylic with silicone, in organic pigments, siliceous minerals, fungicides, surfactant etc. They provide the unique features that are so essential yet missing in conventional look alike products. They cover hairline cracks and takes on normal thermal expansion and contraction of the surface effectively.

Range of Italian Designer Finishes


STUCCO VENEZIANO is the lost ancient venetian art popular amongst the Romans and Greeks. This European renaissance art provides a smooth three dimensional finish to accentuate a royal aura. It is silk smooth to touch and provides an ancient painting like effect. It transforms sedate walls to a luxurious polished Italian marble look.


MEDITERRANO provides an antique stone wall effect in myraid shades. Available in earthen, metallics & faux colors. The product is a hot favourite around the Mediterranean region of europe and is widely used by designers to accentuate specific areas in interior & exterior.


ANTICA provides smooth designer effects in matt / semigloss. Expert applicators create faux finishes with Sponges, Tampons, Wood Tools, Rollers etc. into exotic designs. It is widely preferred by house owners and projects alike for its economy. Available in myriad shades.


SPANEZIA PEARL SKIN turns drab areas into an exotic work of art. Enchanting designs are created by expert applicators in Mother of Pearl, Reflective and Metallic colors. The play of light reflects a spectrum of colors to accentuate the finish. A favorites of designers to make wall outstanding. Available in smoothing and dazzling shades.


MADREPERLA provides Mother of Pearl in gold and metallic effects on Spanezia Stucco Veneziano bases. Available in exotic colors. It allows vapour permeability. It is most ideal for providing a luxuries ambience emulating the rich walls of renaissance Villas and Palaces.


SORRENTO represents the neo classical finish to enamour the mind with dazzling Pearl Damasco effects. It resembles the silken velvet used in the Palaces and Villas of the royalty during the European renaissance period. The effects can be accentuate or toned with the play of lighting.


GLITTERATI provides the silken feel in a shimmering paint finish. The painted matrix changes colors with the reflection / play of light. It has been extensively used by designers to provide luxurious feel. Glitterati provides myraid reflections to jazz up the ambience.


ELEGANZA is a visualiser's delight. High build and durable yet soft to touch. Expert hands create exotic designs with different Trowels, Scratch Pads, Sponges, Brushes, etc. Available in various enchanting shades of Antica, Sorrento metallic colors.


DECORIKA is a special multi effect designer finish. It transforms the wall with exotic metallic, faux & mother of pearl effects. The use of different application tools like Tampon, Sea Sponge, Combing, Trowel, Brushes, Wood tools, etc. by expert applicators. provide a magical effect to bland walls.


MARMORINO provides a matt / polished grain enriched stucco finish to depict a suede effect. It is durable yet soft to feel. The finish was most popular with the royalty for their palaces and villas during the European renaissance period. Widely preferred by the connoisseur of art for its uniqueness.


ACROMICACEO is a water based high performance anti rust micaceous finish to take on adverse weathering conditions. It provides a glittering effect on preprimed metal and other substrates. Widely preferred for Grills, Gates & Doors, etc.