Acro Paints Ltd are the leading manufacturer of High Build Textured coatings in India. Their strength lies in core competencies like :

More than 25 years experience in Textured Coatings with Dealers and Distributors throughout Asian Subcontinent.
First with Surface protection technology .
First and probably the only one to use SILICONE and CERAMIC Technology.
Equipped with the most modern Research and Development labs under the supervision of highly experienced paint technologists.
Have prestigious projects to their credit throughout India and abroad of leading Architects and Builders.
The proprietary formulations are based on critical raw materials of DOW*, Clariant*, Dupont*, Hercules*, Elementis*, Eastman*, BASF*, etc.

HI-PERFORMANCE SILICONE & CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY - provide improved water and damp resistance. Ceramic improves insulation and abrasion resistance.
EXCELLENT WEATHER RESISTANCE - Based on Acrylic Emulsion with silicone it provides an effective matrix against atmospheric and industrial pollutants. They are washable and provide a self cleaning effect when exposed to weathering elements, to give a freshly painted look.
FIRE RETARDANT, RESISTS ALGAE & FUNGUS GROWTH - Acro Textures are based on world class Biocides, Algicides and Fungicides. The special biocides integrates into the film to leach out with every washing to remain effective. They have good fire retardancy properties.
U.V. RESISTANT, PROLONGS THE LIFE OF THE BUILDING - High build elastomeric Acro Textures adds to the durability of the surface by reinforcing as a polymer concrete. It provides 10 to 20 times thicker film than ordinary paints.
PROVIDES INSULATION PROPERTIES - Acrylic emulsion with silicone, special chemicals and minerals provide insulation properties to save on heavy air conditioning bills.
BREATHES OUT TRAPPED MOISTURE - Unlike flat oil paints and enamels, Acro Textures does not lift, flake or peel. It provides a breathable matrix which ensures the passage of trapped moisture in the walls.
EXCELLENT FLEXIBILITY AND ADHESION - It’s elastomeric nature takes on the normal expansion and contraction of the surface in the changing temperatures and provides excellent bonding. It permeates into the surface to effectively bridge hairline cracks.
LATEST INTERNATIONAL RANGE - Incorporating the latest of Japanese and European Ceramic, Granite and Rock finishes as are a rage the world over.
WORKS ON MOST SUBSTRATE - Acro Texture can be used for new Construction, Renovation and Maintenance works, over properly cured and prepared concrete, Masonry, Stucco, Brick, Wood and even over properly prepared metal.
ISO 9001 : 2008 CERTIFIED COMPANY - Acro paints is an ISO 9001 certified company maintaining world standard systems ensuring consistent quality.