ACROPUD range of polyurethane dispersions are based on self cross-linking type, one pack cycloaliphatic polyurethane dispersion which can be used for interior and exterior wood coatings. Cured film has excellent resilience and stain resistance to various items like hot coffee, tea, beer, mild alkali and acids.
Application Procedure for Gloss or Matt Coat on Wood
1. Sand the wood with 120 emery paper.
2. Dilute AP-401 (Sanding Sealer) with 10% Di-Mineralised Water.
3. Apply a thin coat of this diluted AP-401 Sealer.
4. Allow it to dry for 4 hours at 20 C, or if temperature is low, Dry Overnight.
5. Sand the coated wood with 220 emery Paper.
6. Apply second coat of sanding sealer diluted AP-401 (Procedure 3 and 4).
7. Sand the coated wood with 320 emery paper.
8. Apply third coat of sanding sealer diluted AP-401 (Procedure 3 and 4).
9. Sand the coated wood with 600 emery paper.
10. Top coat
      a. For Gloss top coat AP-402 (Diluted with 10% DI-Mineralised Water)
      b. For Matt top coat AP-403 (Dilute with 10% DI-Mineralised Water)
11. Apply final top coat of AP-402 (Gloss Coat) or AP-403 (Matt Coat)
12. Apply it to dry.
13. For Gloss finish.
      a. Sand the coated wood with 2000 emery paper. After 48 hours, buff the coated wood with 3m Protect - It 1 step Polish
14. For Matt Finish-No further steps

  • AP-401                              Sanding Sealer / Semi Gloss Top Coat.
  • AP-402                              Top Coat Glossy.
  • AP-403                              Top Coat Matt Gel (From Gloss Levels 5-30).

  • Note : All information given here is in good faith but without warranty or guarantee or any kind whatsoever, Whether implied or expressed as the conditions of use may differ. Freedom from patent rights must not be assumed.
    Advantages of ACROPUD Polyurethane dispersions.
    1. Self Crosslinking.
  • Excellent stain resistance.
  • Superior adhesion to wide variety of substrates.
  • 2. Cycloaliphatic Polyurethane.
  • Good weather ability.
  • Good gloss retention.
  • 3. Single Pack
  • Packing and storage cost is reduced.
  • 4. Water based.
  • Low VOC.
  • Low odour - Can work in a running Hotel, Hospital, Multi-Sotried Buildings, Commercial establishments. One can practically eat food in the same room where coating is being done.

  • We offer products both for interior and exterior coatings, in Matt and high gloss finishes, our products are also offered in white base, Wherein pigment tinters (Decorative used for emulsion paints) can be used to create multiple colours. We offer a complete range of popular shades for kitchen and high end designer coatings.